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Division Directors SIG  

The Division Directors SIG provides a forum for sharing information among academic division director’s including but not limited to General Pediatrics, Nursery, Hospitalist Medicine, Adolescent Medicine, Quality and Safety, Development and Behavioral Pediatrics and Child Protection. All these disciplines share similar issues such as academic development and promotion, financial constraints and educational and research priorities. We welcome all division directors to our annual meeting at the PAS annual conference as well as communicating with us throughout the year to discuss.

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Faculty Development SIG  

The Faculty Development SIG's mission is to provide a professional home for pediatric medical educators interested in faculty development in any of these areas.

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Mid-Career Faculty SIG  

he purpose and mission of this SIG are to foster ongoing mentorship, coaching, peer support, guidance in leadership development, networking, career development, and success of academic faculty who identify as mid-career.

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